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Grow your business on a budget

Small Businesses have tight budgets. And marketing can be expensive. With the Very Good Marketing framework you can pinpoint where your marketing needs help so you can spend your budget with confidence.

How much money are you wasting on marketing?

Most Small Businesses don’t know where to spend their marketing budget to get the most growth. When your marketing strategy isn’t clear …

  • customers stop buying your products in favour of your competitors
  • growth stops or stays stagnant
  • you rely on word of mouth for new customers and future growth
  • you find your marketing spend slips away quickly with no return
  • your half-hearted marketing attempts fail

Marketing should be easy, but good marketing advice is often inaccessible. This means small businesses struggle to make decisions about where to spend their marketing budget and how to get the best outcomes. Learn the Very Good Marketing framework and identify yourself, exactly where you should spend your budget, and how to do it so that you can start hitting your business goals.

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There are 3 ways you can learn the Very Good Marketing framework:

Option 1 🎉

The Very Good Marketing Guide

Grow your business faster with this revolutionary marketing framework

Do you want to stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t get results? The Very Good Marketing Guide explains exactly where to spend your next marketing dollar and where to focus your attention — so your marketing will make a real difference in growing your business and profits.

In this book, marketing expert Amy Miocevich shares a simple but genius 5-step model for marketing your small business. She reveals crucial insights into why marketing fails, including common mistakes and marketing myths, and shows you how to assess where and why your marketing is most effective. With The Very Good Marketing Guide, you’ll create targeted solutions for turning strangers into customers — and customers into superfans of your business and brand.

Perfect for: absolutely everyone 

Option 2 🎙

The Podcast

The Very Good Marketing Podcast covers everything you need to know about marketing a Small Business on a budget. From debunking marketing myths to building your marketing foundations from the ground up, Amy Miocevich and Shannon Crosby team up to give listeners (and viewers) tips that could transform their business.

Perfect for: micro-small business who want to explore this framework

Option 3 ⭐️

The Private Workshop

The ultimate, everything-you-need Very Good Marketing strategy workshop for you and your team to get on the same page, reach your goals and get your messaging on point. Experience a private workshop, coached by Amy Miocevich that is guaranteed to transform your marketing.

Perfect for: small business who are ready to make change and want help

“Our Very Good Marketing Workshop with our team has transformed our marketing strategy. I have already recommended the Workshop to several contacts.” – Ashley, Heat Trap

Stop wasting money on marketing that isn’t working

Most small business just like yours have a great product. You have passionate customers, a fantastic offering and the burning desire for growth. But you’re stuck. Growth isn’t happening. You’re not bringing in enough new customers, you don’t know where to spend your time and you’re worried you’re never going to graduate to becoming a medium or big sized business.

But you’re not alone. So many small businesses struggle to transform their organisation from a slow-growth small business, to one that automatically generates leads, turns customers into advocates and makes real change to their life.

The good news? There is a framework that can help you achieve all of that. It can help you systemise your marketing spend so that it just works. Works to help you reach your goals, helps you eliminate money wastage and turns strangers into your biggest fans. You can’t afford to waste your money on bad marketing anymore.